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Big Ideas

The Johnston Community School Foundation is working with teachers to keep our District at the forefront by helping develop and fund “Big Ideas” that create unique learning opportunities for our students at all grade levels.


These “Big Ideas” create a unique opportunity for the District, business community and parents to come together and bring these exceptional learning opportunities to life.

What is a Big Idea?

  • Creates a unique learning opportunity not available at other schools in the metro or state.

  • Helps connect students with businesses and the community.

  • Ensures our kids will be successful at every stage of their development.

  • Keeps our school at the forefront of people’s minds and hearts.

  • Helps make a top tier school district even better.

Remember those days sitting in a high school class wondering how can you apply what you were learning to everyday life? Today we have an opportunity to make that a reality to hundreds of Johnston High School students every year with the development of an Outdoor Learning Center.


The Johnston High School science department would like to convert a large retention pond area on the new high school property into an Outdoor Learning Center. The outdoor learning area will:


  • Provide students with hands-on experiences in natural systems and provide an area where students can engage in testing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data.

  • Engaging in an ongoing design process related to water quality, marine biology, and environmental diversity.

  • Students will be involved in the design and development of the outdoor area.

Outdoor Learning Center

We need your help to make these Big Ideas come to life.

Please consider donating online today to one or more of the following Big Ideas.

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