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Johnston Community School Foundation

The Johnston Community School District has a long history of being a top tier school district that attracts families from across the metro and nation.

The Johnston Community School Foundation (JCSF) is at the forefront in helping teachers create new learning opportunities for students. 

JCSF is responsible for partnering with you to raise funds that will create unique learning opportunities not available at other School Districts to ensure the 7,200 students in the Johnston School District will be successful at every stage of their development.

Let's make a great school district even better.

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This is where the Foundation helps.

We work with teachers and District Leadership to identify innovative programs that need funding assistance, then work with area business and community members to raise funds that help create these programs that may otherwise go unfunded.

We’ve already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into our schools and our kids through your generous contributions. Your continued support will ensure the Johnston Community School District and the greater Johnston community is a sought-after destination for families and businesses. 

Our goal is to help the Johnston community make a top-tier school district even better.

See how you can get involved and make a difference for the kids in our District

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